About this blog

This is a blog for me to collect everything collected with sewing and crafting. I hardly ever sew clothes for everyday wear, but instead I'm making costumes. Already as a teenager I loved watching costume dramas, but it was when I got into contact with the Star Wars costuming scene that I realized that it was possible, and not just strange, to make copies of clothes and fashion from both film and history.

For many years I almost only made Star Wars costumes, since I found more opportunities to wear those kind of costumes. I am a member of the Nordic Legions, which is the cooperation name for 501st Legion: Nordic Garrison and Rebel Legion: Nordic Base.

Just a couple of years ago I started to also look more seriously into historical costuming. I'm not making perfectly historical recreations, and to be honest I might be more interested in the "film-version" of historical clothing. I'm aiming to build up a decent 18th century wardrobe before branching out into other eras.

I am based in a quite small town in Sweden, for example the closest decent fabric shop is almost 100 km away, which means that I very  much rely on web shopping to find what I need for my creations.

If you want to see how my skills have developed since I started you should click on the tag "My costume history"

Oh, and sorry for the bad photos in the blog. I don't own a proper camera, but is just using my phone and I don't have any good lightning conditions in my apartment either. Combine that with the fact that I tend to finish projects late at night, when daylight is gone.


  1. Hi,
    I want to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award , which you can acept or refuse.You can find all the detail on my blog www.nancyravencostumes.blogspot.ca

  2. Do you sell these costumes? I am interested in a Mon Mothma costume with just a long white over tunic and the "jewelry" in a USA Size 3X