A gathering of the tutorials I've posted. I hope they can be of help for someone. I have more posts tagged with tutorials, but these are my best ones.

Star Wars
TPM Gold Handmaiden pleats - how I made all the pleats for the undergown
Princess Leia cinnamon buns - how I make them from scratch while wearing a long, straight wig
Queen Amidala Make Up - the iconic white face paint.
X-wing pilot flak vest - not too complicated, but still a bit fiddly to make

Historical Costuming
Simple 18th century hairstyle - a classic pouf, for shoulder length hair
18th century hat - how to turn a modern strawhat into something more 18th century-like
A frilly 18th century cap

Luna Lovegood's dirigble plum earings (Harry Potter)
Making a hot glue jewel

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