Tuesday, 10 November 2015

TFA Leia hair - a messy tutorial

Update! - This tutorial was done based on my interpretation of a pre-production photo. It was wrong. The result of this tutorial is not an accurate version of Leia's hair in The Force Awakens.

I've been asked how I did my hair for TFA Leia and this is an attempt to go through the steps I did. There are a few things to be aware of though:

1. There are no clear pictures of the back and left side of the head, so this is really my interpretation of the hairstyle.
2. I don't have a proper wig block and I didn't even try to be careful about hiding pins or fixing stray hairs. It's messy, but I hope it shows how I did, then you can practice and get it good.

One lace front wig in ash/grey

One matching loose ponytail
The ponytail was simply twisted into a bun at the top, but with around half the hair loose under the bun. It's held together with loads of hairspray and some hairpins.

2. Pull the hair back from the forehead and fasten it with a pin or two.
3. Attach the ponytail/bun with some pins so that the bun just sticks up over the top of your head.
4. Braid around a third of the hair into a braid on the right side of the face.
5. Cross the braid over the head to the other ear. This is the tricky part, and if you have an extra pair of hands that's really helpful. The synthetic hair is also very slippery so it's hard to really secure it in place.
6. Braid all the remaining hair, including the hair from the ponytail/bun into one thick braid on the left side of the face. If possible you should try and get the end of the braid that you've pinned in place over the head into the thick braid as well.
7. Loop the braid over itself, so that the end of the braid can be hidden under the top part of the braid.
8: Pin down loose hair and put some extra pins where you need some stronger attachments.

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