Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Good and bad news

Over the last months I have had an aching shoulder. I have assumed that there was a strained muscle or something and hoped that it would disappear. The last weeks it has gotten worse though and there are some movements that I simply can't do. Yesterday I  called my the local health centre and the gave me an appointment with a physiotherapist. The appointment gave me some good and some bad news that will affect my costuming.

The goodnews is that I have a diagnosis, it's a frozen shoulder, and it will get better by itself eventually. Even if there is pain I can't make it worse by doing certain things. I should keep the shoulder active as long as it doesn't hurt too much.

The bad news are that I'm in the freezing stage, that means that for the coming months it wii hurt more and more and I will loose movement in the arm. Then the shoulder will be frozen for a couple of months, meaning less pain but also limited movement, then it will take a copke of more months while the shoulder thaws and I regain movement.

I don't think it will affect my sewing much, thankfully it's my left shoulder and I am righthanded, but wearing the costumes is another thing. I will not be able to lace myself into any backlaced stays or corsets, during the worst period I might get problems keeping my arm over my head to fix any hair, and I already have problems getting into clothes that arebtight over my shoulders.

The silver lining is that my next major project will be centered on the 1770s, so I can use my front laced stays. I haven't started on the sleeves for the pet en l'air yet, but when I do I will need to make them larger and more loosefitting than I had planned. The sleeves were looser in the earlier decades of the 18th century so I will just be a bit out of fashion. I'm also happy that I made several caps and bonnets last year, so I have an option when I don't want to make big hairstyles.

My next Star Wars project is also planned for comfort and ease which feels good right now.

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