Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Comic Con Stockholm report

Comic Con has turned into my favorite Swedish con. I really like that there is so much going on with panels, different exhibitors and a lot of cosplay. Unfortunately I missed all the cosplay competitions because I was either working in the Nordic Legions' booth or in the case of the World Cosplay Summit qualification had to leave to catch the train back home.

I was stupid enough to sign up with Three costumes, Amidala, Endor trooper and X-wing pilot. The reason for that was that I had the chance to do booth duty with matching troopers. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of me as an Endor trooper, together with the other trooper. I did use the vest option for the first time, and I actually think I prefer it compared to the camo jacket. I really want to repaint my helmet though before I use it the next time.

My Amidala is big and cumbersome to get into, but I finally got the chance to troop with a Qui-Gon Jinn.
I had some serious issues with my hairbags and hair donuts. You can see that they look almost like Mickey Mouse ears. Thankfully the con was held close to a shopping mall, so after this stint in the costume I ran off and bought a soft headband that I attached the hairbags too, and it made it easier to also attach the hairballs in a correct position.

They looked much better the next day, when I also took the chance to conquer Westeros and sit on the Iron throne. It was too small for my skirts though, so I preferred spending time with Hello Kitty instead.

I even got a new tiara from her.

I got nothing from Jabba though.

I spent the mornings in Amidala and then I switched to my X-wing pilot. I was really excited about my new boots. They are a pair of proper German military boots, but they are way too big in the feet so I will have no problems putting in some extra gel soles in them to make them even more comfortable.

I feel really short when I look at this photo though.

I had a great time at the con, and at the aftertroops when you just sit down with a great bunch of people and have fun.

As I said I didn't get the chance to see any of the cosplay competitions, but some of the best cosplayers shared their changing room with us so I got to see some really amazing costumes anyway.

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