Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Some fun finds in Uppsala

Last Saturday I was in Uppsala, both to visit my aunt and to have a wonderful reunion/nostalgic dinner with almost the full original Star Wars-group that were together in the days of the prequels. Nowadays only two of us are active in the Star Wars fandom, but we still enjoy talking Star Wars and singing Star Wars karaoke drinking songs, so it was a great night.

Anyway while in Uppsala I snagged up some fun costuming stuff. I keep mentioning that I don't have any fabric stores around, but in Uppsala they have and I got myself 5 m of gunmetal grey poly micro satin that I will use for TLJ Leia. I'm not a fan of polyester, but the colour and drape of the fabric was lovely.

The gunmetal satin is in the front, in the back is a silver grey silk, that I Think is too light, and in the back is the silk I failed to dye grey.

I had also found out through my historical costuming friends that there would be a Time Traveller's bazar (Tidsresenärens basar), and of course I had to pass by it, both to say hi to my friends and to see if I could find something. Of course I found stuff.

One beautiful fan

A pair of simple pearl earrings. I'm thinking that this will work for most historical periods up until the 19th Century.

A pair of viking tortoise brooches. I don't have any solid plans for viking clothes, but I have met a lot of nice viking reenactors so I figured I can start with the brooches instead of having to look or them if I want to make a full costume. These are based on an original from Tröndelag, Norway and made out of tin. Now tin is softer so not as durable, but the price was a lot lower than what I've seen on other places, where they sell replicas in silver and bronze.

All in all it was a nice visit in Uppsala, now it's time to get serious with TLJ Leia.

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