Friday, 28 March 2014

A start on the hat

I've now taken my first steps into trying to make the ridiculously big, but just wonderful hat for my 1787 revolutionary costume. I'm aiming to have it finished for the HSF challenge due first of June, so I have plenty of time. Still I decided that it would be best to start gather material at least. I have now ordered outer fabric, millinery wire and double buckram. I found that I had some flannel that I can use as mull in my stash, and I'm also going to find the lining there. When my orders arrive I should be able to start.

I have also cut out the pattern for the hat. I'm using Lynn McMasters Universal round brimmed hat pattern, and I can only say that those hats are huge.

This is me trying out the brim pattern, and that is after I cut it down with 5 cm (2") all around the edge.

Now I'm going to tuck away the pattern, and instead it's time to concentrate on the gaulle for the outfit.

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