Friday, 21 March 2014

Rethinking my plans

So for the last month I've worked/volunteered a lot for the world cup and continental cup events in ski jumping and nordic combined that have taken place in Falun. That means that I'm now quite exhausted and a bit behind on my costume plans for the spring. After looking through the upcoming HSF challenges I have a new plan though. I skipped the bodice challenge, and I am going to skip the fairytale challenge, but I'm really looking forward to seeing other people's creations for those challenges. So that brings me to:

Tops and toes, due 15th of April - my plan was to make the giant hat for the 1787 revolutionary, but I think I'm going to go for the cap that can be seen under the hat instead. I want to ease back into sewing rather than starting off with a big project before I feel really motivated for it.

Black and White, due 15th of May - I'm moving the gaulle to this date. I'm going to start with it quite soon, but will have to work slowly so I don't finish it too fast.

Art, due 1st of June - I'm moving the hat to this challenge.

The politics of fashion, due 15th of June - I'll do the redingote and vest for this, and this would be final thing of finishing my 1787 revolutionary, which is definitely a politically inspired costume.

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