Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween costumes

Halloween is coming up, and of course it's a great reason to get dressed up in costume! Halloween in Sweden is basically that, a reason for private parties or night clubs to have a masquerade. The sad thing though is that if you just google "woman costume halloween" it seems as if the only choice for a woman when it comes to costumes is to wear a corset and skimpy skirt.

google top hit "woman police costume"
It of course makes me even angrier since men usually can choose between both "real looking" costumes and sexy versions of the costumes.

Well for this reason I really recommend that everyone to visit Take Back Halloween.Org. They don't sell any costumes, but it's simply an inspiration site for women's costumes that you can create yourself, without having to even sew. The costumes are based on real and mythological women of all ages, from all time eras and cultures all over the world. I love just sitting and reading throughout the entries and have learnt a lot about fascinating women I didn't even know about.

And isn't it a lot more interesting to follow their directions to create a costume personifiying Morrigan, the Celtic goddess/demon that is linked with Samhain (the Celtic New Year that has been transformed into Halloween throughout the ages) than just putting on a hat and skimpy skirt and call yourself a witch.

Morrigan costume instructions
Personally I am a bit grumpy that I won't get the chance to go to a Halloween party and dress up just for fun, but at the same time the reason for that is that I will be at Stockholm Comic-Con in Star Wars costume that weekend.

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