Saturday, 25 October 2014

My New York trip, from a sewing point of view

If you wonder why I didn't post much the last weeks, well it's because me and my mother went to New York together. It's been a trip that we've talked about  for a really long time, and now it was finally time. To be honest I didn't do much costuming or sewing related things, no museums or exhibits and just a very short visit to the fabric district.

There was a short visit to the fabric district, and just looking at what the info points looked like made me happy
 Then there were shop after shop with just fabrics and trims. To be honest I got overwhelmed. I'm not used to even going into a fabric store, and there there were so many of them.

It was amazing to go into a store and not just having to look after colour and hope you could get something of a decent quality, but here you could actually go in and the shelves were sorted first by type of fabric, and then in colour. As I said I was a bit overwhelmed, and both me and my mother were quite tired after a long day of doing other things, so when I had found 4 yards of black silk taffeta for $20 I decided that that was enough. I wouldn't be able to get more fabric with me, and I didn't have any more specific fabrics that I was after.

I didn't even go to Mood's.

In the end this was my costume/sewing haul. I found a gorgeous beauty box at Century 21 that I'm going to use as a sewing box, the 4 yards of silk taffeta and a little Elsa figure. I figured that since try to buy action figures with the SW costumes that I make, then I should have a little mini-me of my Elsa costume as well.

If you read Swedish you can read more about my New York trip here:
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