Sunday, 16 November 2014

Decisions, decisions

So I need to decide if I should be practical and cut off the length of the skirt, or let it stay majestic with a train that puddles nicely in the back. I love the look of the train, but wearing it outside in November will be a nightmare, even if I make a really deep hem facing for it. Tomorrow I will have to start with the hemming, so I need to decide until then.

I've been away in Uppsala over the weekend, but I got some sewing done anyway, alas it wasn't for me. I helped Kee to start on her ballgown, since she has almost no time to make it until Saturday. I could at leat help her with flatlining and assembling most of the bodice and finishing the neckline, and come up with a solution for some gaping in the bodice, she will have to make the rest herself though.

I was also glad to discover that Åhlens in Uppsala carry hooks and bars, so if the ones I have ordered don't arrive until Thursday, since I leave for the ball before I get the mail on Friday, I can at least get hold of some expensive ones. My hooks and bars have been shipped though so I hope they will arrive in time. I also couldn't help myself and I have picked up a little tiara to wear, and if that feels like too much I bought a soft lace/flower hairband as well so I have something to choose from.

I haven't been to a ball in a really long time I'm really looking forward to this.

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