Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Just the hem left, yeah, right

So today my plan was to just finish attaching the hem, should be easy. Yesterday I had pieced together a deep hem facing from the leftovers of the fabric that I had used as flatlining. I had sewn it to the skirt edge and it should only be to attach it to the flatlining.

Well my piecing apparently hadn't been as precise as I wanted, and since it was pieced the grainlines of the pieces didn't line up properly with the fabric. The result was a lot of stress wrinkles in the fabric. I tried to pin both fabric into submission, then I even cut some deep cuts into the hem facing to release some of the stress, it still didn't look good though. So after around three hours I gave up. I cut down the hem facing, so instead of a knee deep hem facing I know have just around 10 cm, but it looks so much better and the wrinkles have disappeared.

I still have to attach the hem facing, by hand, but I'm not too stressed. I have one evening left, and that should be enough to finish the hem and mend the shrug that I'm going to wear, it had a bit of tear in the underarm seam. If I have time I would like to add an extra dust ruffle to either the petticoat or the skirt, since the hem facing isn't as deep as I want and I want to protect the skirt properly.

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