Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 costume plans

It's the first day of the new year, and my hands are itching to start on a new project. I have plans forthe start of the year, but I've learnt that there isn't much use in making plans that go further than the summer. For this year I want to take more part in the Historical Sew Monthly, I will make a separate post about hat, so I'm hoping that will keep the sewing going throughout the year.

There are some events that I know about already that will influence my plans. First of all is the Star Wars Celebration in April, then in May I'm hoping that there will be 1900 fair at the Railway Museum in Gävle, then there is Comic-Con in November and finally the Star Wars Episode VIII premiere in December.

1. Lady Poe
My main project until April will be called "Lady Poe". The background to it actually goes back to my first time that I made 18th clothes, and me and some other joked about the fashion of putting full ships in the hair. At the Plastique Fantastique 2014 I did my take on it when I put an air craft carrie in my hair, and in Anaheim 2015 I told the friend that I went there with about it and how fun it would be to one day put a full starship in the hair. Then I decided that I would make a Star Wars 18th century gown, with starship hair for the next US Celebration. I've also said that I've always wanted to make a full robe à la Francaise, so I will combine the two.

This is one of my inspirations, I will make a fuller post about how I intend to Star Warsify it.

2. Rogue One Mon Mothma
If I get enough time I would like to finish the Rogue One version of Mon Mothma before Orlando as well, but I'm happy enough with my current Mon Mothma so I'm not going to rush it.

3. Bicycle Outfit
I want to continue to work on this. I have my shirtwaist and bloomers but I really need a new corset for it, my old 1880's has broken down. I also want to make a jacket and gaiters and add a proper hat.

After that I don't really have any big plans but I have a couple of projects that I'm thinking about, and some UFOs in the pile.

Possible projects

Blue squadron pilot
Rogue One introduced a new colour for the X-wing pilots, and I love it. I'm hoping that I will be able to reuse most of my current X-wing gear and only change the flighsuit, belt, ejections straps and gloves. I'm not going to do a lot of research for this but I'm counting on information and sources becoming available during the year.
Tusken female
Yes it Always makes an appearance on my list, and then I don't get anything done on it. I really would like to finally finish it this year though.
Ghostbusters 2016
Once again I'm not taking the lead on finding the resources for it, but I'm hoping to put it together from stuff that doesn't include so much work.
1520s gown
I got the underclothes done last year, I only need some inspiration to get the proper gown done.

Episode VIII Leia
The only photo that I've seen so far is of Carrie Fisher sitting down in something that looks like a dress, it's black with some ornaments or armbands on the wrists. Not much to go after, but I also know myself and I might not be able to keep away from it if more photos become available.

So there are my current plans for the year. It's heavy on the Star Wars side, but it's also because I'm going to fit historical projects within the HSM17 challenges, and I haven't really decided what those projects will be yet.

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