Friday, 30 December 2016

Favorite events of 2016

As I mentioned in my costume review I felt that 2016 was more a year of a events than a year of costumes, and I had some great fun experiences.

The first troop of the year was Nordsken in Skellefteå. I debuted my x-wing pilot, and had a great journey together with friends in the Nordic Legions.

For the first time I could take part in "Den ultimata historiska megapicknicken" (the ultimate historical mega picnic) on June 6th.


Me and Carolina were colour twins, only a century apart or so, and my blistered feet (from a couple days before) were greateful that my Kensington shoes are so comfortable. In the end this was one of only two historical events this year, so I really need to go to more events so I can dress in my historical costumes.

The main event of the year was Star Wars Celebration in London in July. Unlike when I go to American Celebrations I mostly spent the time with members of the 501st and Rebel Legion, and mostly the Nordic Legions. Since we are so spread out it was a long time since I had seen some of them though.
Me and Camilla has actually known each other since well before any of us joined the Rebel Legion. We did the first RL even in the Nordic Countries together though, and she is the reason why we switched the name from the Swedish to the Nordic Outpost, since it was a bit strange to have the CO of the Swedish Outpost living in Denmark.

In October I finally had the opportunity to troop at home, in Falun. I did two apperances at film music concerts, and I brought one of the nieces with me so I wouldn't be the only trooper.
Another small troop that I went to, that turned out to have big consequences was to appear at the Nordic Championships of the X-wing miniature games. To be honest the troop wasn't very exciting, the players were more interested in playing than seeing a pilot walking around...
...but I thought the game looked interesting, so back in Falun I got in contact with people playing it. Now I spend most Thursday evenings playing the game, and one of the persons I got to know works as responsible for gaming culture in Studiefrämjandet. We started to talk and we both agreed on that cosplay is definitely included in gaming culture. One thing led to another, and on December we had a first meeting for people interested in cosplay in Falun. There were quite a few people, both beginners and experienced cospalyers, that showed up, and now we are going to try and build a cosplay scene in Dalarna. On January 3rd we will have our next meeting where we are going to plan ahead for the coming year.


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