Monday, 5 December 2016

1980's theme party

I took a break from Mon Mothma and went to an 1980's theme party this Saturday. I had great fun getting dressed as in the 80's. I was a kid in that decade, but old enough to be jealous of my sisters who were teenagers and dressed in such nice clothes. There are a lot of hate towards the 1980's fashion, but it definitely helped develop my sense of what looks good or not. I also didn't have to look too far to find suitable things in my wardrobe.

Startint from the bottom and going up.

Black court shoes - these are my favorite shoes at the moment.
Training leggings -
Black bubble skirt - I quickly threw it together with some polyester lining fabrid and elastic in the waist.
White belt with eyelets - borrowed from my sister
Training t-shirt - it was the biggest I could find in my stash
White/pink satin bomber jacket - the only thing that I bought, at an outlet store, for the eveninng.
White fingerless lace gloves
Faux pearl necklace and bracelets
Pink and black leather handbag.

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