Monday, 26 December 2016

2016 in review

It's time again to look back and see what I did during 2016. It has felt like a year when I didn't get much done, but I think that is just because I dropped off the HSM challenge, so I didn't have any small projects that I worked on. In general I got more Star Wars than historical things done, which is also because I can't fit into my corsets/stays at the moment, and then it's no fun making new clothes that should go over them.

What I will remember 2016 for though is the social things, the events and the people that I met due to costuming/cosplay. I even got the chance to troop in my own hometown for the first time!

Time for the recap though, and lets start with the project list that I had going into 2016.

Star Wars
X-wing pilot
TFA Leia

16th century
16th century gown including underwear

18th century
pocket hoops
pet en l'air
And here is what I actually got done.

Star Wars

X-wing pilot

This was a fairly easy build, since I only painted the helmets, made the strappings and the flak vest, but bought the rest. It also turned into my favorite trooping costume, and I wore it for most events in 2016.
TFA Leia
I finished TFA Leia well in time for Celebration, and it was great going around with Elise and Jocke. Still it's not a favorite costume of mine, but at least it's done. If nothing else I have something to wear for the Episode VIII premiere.

My quest for a comfortable and easy to pack costume led me to Mon Mothma. It's so comfy and easy to put on, and no boots! This is the ROTJ version and I will definitely start work on her Rogue One version as soon as I get more photos of it.

The x-wing pilot suit is also the base for the Ice Cream Maker guy, so at Celebration Europé in London I could finally be part of the "Running of the Hoods", and as you see someone noticed my wig, my moustache and travelsize ice cream maker.

Apparently mixing Star Wars and historical costume was a thing in 2016. I came up with my idea when I was in London in April and realised that Celebration Europé would be held in London in the same year that the anniversary of Shakespeare's death was celebrated. The final costume was more Tudor than Elizabethan, but it was a fun project trying to combine the two.

Historical costumes

My project to make a 1520's German/Scandinavian ensemble started out well, I did finish this shift in early February. There are things with it that I really like, for example the smocking, but I also dislike the shape of the neckline. I'm not sure if I want to make a new shift when I continue on this project.

I had an Edwardian blouse, and I wanted something to wear with it, so I settled for a pair of bloomers. I've gotten more and more interested in this era, so I think some of my 2017 projects will definitely be Edwardian.

My 1520's project got as far as the undergown.

I haven't finished this one yet. The main thing with the pet was to try and make a pattern that I could use for a more serious project. When I had come as far as seeing that the pattern would work I haven't felt a rush to finish it. I'm bringing it to the monthly craft café that I go to, and there I sit and chat and do some sewing, but I'm not working on it inbetween.

With that done I don't think my year was too bad when it came to finished costumes. It was not as productive as 2015, but it's mostly because I haven't made all the small stuff and accessoried, but instead focused on larger projects.

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