Sunday, 18 December 2016

TFA Leia belt

When I sent in my application photos I realized that I had never posted about my belt and belt buckle.

The belt itself is a black 5 cm leather plain leather belt. The belt buckle is permanently attached to the middle of the belt and I have the belt's own buckle in the back. It's never seen since it's under the vest anyway.

For the belt buckle I'm very grateful that Heather Tanner made a lot of research and posted this sketch on the Rebel Legion forums.

I printed it on paper and then cut it out in worbla.
 The whole piece is in 2-4 layers. The base shape are two layers of worbla, and then the side shapes add another two layers.

To create the the two ridges I used narrow bands of worbla and formed them with my hands while they were still warm enough to be moldable. I also tried to smooth out the edges with my fingers.

I didn't take any progress photos of the next steps. I attached the buckle to the belt with a piece of worbla. I then masked the belt and the holes in the buckle and covered it in a couple of layers of gesso. I overdid the gesso a bit, so the holes shrunk a bit too much.

The final step was to paint the whole buckle with silver spray paint.

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