Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mon Mothma - attaching cords and jewellery

With the outer tunic done it was time to finish the ornament she wears.

I used one long grey ribbon to form all the large loops. The round pieces on the shoulders allow the ribbon to twist around it itself and go back the same way. I sewed the round piecec together and only used a bit of glue to make sure that the end of the ribbon, where I had cut it, didn't start to ravel.

I glued a magnet on the underside of the jewellery pieces that I had made out of fimo clay.

The knob was put over the ribbon roundels, with the magnet peeking through to the underside. I also attachted a magnet to the underside of the outer tunic.

The magnet keep the whole thing in position, but it's easy to take off .

For the round centerpiece I used several pieces of string in yellow and silver to bind the frame of the centerpiece.

Those strings were glued on to the shoulder knob.

So with that I'm done with Mon Mothma, I hope I can take some photos of me in the costume the coming days,

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