Friday, 16 December 2016

Mon Mothma approved

When I woke up in the morning the 14th, at 5 am in order to drive to Stockholm and see the first Rogue One viewing at 10:00, I was greeted by the happy message that my Mon Mothma had been approved. Even if I thought that I had done my best I still get very nervous when I send in costume applications.

The trooping in Stockholm was quite chaotic, but I got the chance to see the film twice, and had fun taking photos with the audience. The Leia, R2, Mon Mothma combo was quite popular.

A little bit due to the chaos I didn't get any photos taken at the troop, so I can only show the official RL costume frame.

Of course a 2017 project will be to make the Rogue One version, and a friend has told me that there are full body photos of her in the Visual Guide book, so I will have to buy that one.

Some details that I picked up during the film was that the Rogue One version doesn't have a cord in the back, just in the front, and she's wearing a sleeveless undergown.

As for the film itself....

....without spoiling anything I can honestly say that I loved it. I cried both times and just wanted to rush home and watch Episode IV. It is a war film more than a space film, so I would not recommend it for young kids that have grown up with the animated series, or at least I would recommened parents to see the film first and then judge if it's appropriate or not.

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