Wednesday, 22 February 2017

I am alive

I have definitely dropped off the sewing and blogging track lately. There are a couple of reasons or that.

1. I'm in the process of ripping out and totally remodelling my kitchen, and since I live in a small apartment that means that I have boxes everywhere, including my sewing area.
2. When I sewed the most, a year or so ago, sewing was a way of escaping from simply not feeling too well. (no I was not depressed or anything like that, but I wasn't too satisfied with my life either). I'm happier now, and then I do other things than sewing.
3. The other things I do take up most of my evenings. I simply have fixed things to do Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. Even if one of the things I do is costume related, and I will make a post about it later, I'm not very productive.

Still things are happening, and as a proof I'm posting this photo of my first petticoat for the the Lady Poe ensemble.

It's totally handsewn, because the small amounts of sewing I get done is when I have a project to pick up while I'm in the sofa watching TV.

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