Saturday, 25 February 2017

Cosplay Dalarna - a regional cosplay network

Even if I haven't been doing much sewing I have been active with other aspects of the cosplay community. Me and some other people are building up a network for cosplayers, LARP-ers, historical recreationists to meet up and take a chance to share ideas and help each other.

We now have it more or less set that we meet the first Tuesday every month, but there is a core group of us that actually meet up almost every Tuesday. We are lucky in that we have access to a really nice place to be. In Sweden there is a strong tradition of popular education, and we have several organisations that are working with facilitating study groups and study circles on almost every thing. One of those organisations have a national cooperation with the Swedish LARP and gaming organisation (Sverok) in order to help out with things surrounding game culture, and cosplay just happens to be included under the umbrella of game culture. For us that means that we can be in one of their buildings and meet up.

As I said we want to be open to all kinds of costume making, no matter the source. I think we have basically said that it's open for anyone who wants to make clothes/costumes/props that you can't buy in a regular chain store.

We have a facebook group here where we post what's going on. - Cosplay Dalarna

Otherwise our next big meeting is March 7, 18-21, and then March 25-26 we are going to have a full weekend together.

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