Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Lady Poe is postpoened

I was happily sewing away on my petticoats for Lady Poe, when I got the notification that my fabric had arrived.

Unfortunately the notification had been sent out so late, that when I got to my post office, they had already returned it to the sender. The package had already been at the post for two weeks before I got the notification. For inofmration in Sweden today most post stuff is handled by supermarkets, who can't do anything except sell stamps and hand out things that have been delivered to them. They couldn't help me to track how far the package had gotten and if it was possible to stop it before it left the country.

I tried to get in contact with customer service, but this was Friday evening and it was closed until Monday morning. During the weekend the package was sent back and arrived in Thailand. The only reaction from the post customer service was "oh, too bad but things like that happens all the time".

I have been in contact with the seller, so they will send it back to me. Of course that means that when it arrives I have paid for postage twice from Thailand to Sweden.

This also means that there is no way that I will be able to finish Lady Poe for Celebration. I had really been looking forward to wearing it there, and now I have to really think about if I'm going to make it into Lady Poe or just go straight to a conventional 18th century gown.

I have a back up plan for another costume for Celebration, but it will in no way be as spectacular or unique. I'm not going to jinx it and post about it until I have the fabric safe in my hands though.

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