Sunday, 23 April 2017

Star Wars Celebration - fan fashion

I really love seeing good fan fashion. At Celebration my friend Jazz and some of his other friends had a panel on fan fashion, and I had to go there. It was a really interesting panel, and Jazz made an interesting observation that for many years it was hard finding anything for women, since the basic fan fashion was a male t-shirt, nowadays though there are a lot of different designs available for women, but men are stuck with basic black t-shirts with a print in the middle of the front.

The panel divided fan fashion into three areas; Convention wear, Prom wear and Everyday wear. Convention wear is when you take a costume, but use it as an inspiration. Prom wear of course is for fancy dress, and everday wear is the more subtle things. For example my Greedo dress is everyday wear, since I can walk in it without people immediately recognizing it as a fandom thing. Quite a few of the panelists went up and showed what they wore, but I didn't get any pictures of that. Here are some of my favorite fan fashion pieces that I met though.

These ladies had taken printed Star Wars fabrics that you can find in regular tores and used them for making clothes of. The first fan fashion pieces that I saw were usually made of bedsheets and curtains, but now there are cotton fabrics available on the roll if you want a Star Wars fabric.

Another way of expressing your fandom is to take a costume and translate it to another style. 1950's is deinitely popular. These were some of my favorites, and I loved that the Leia outfit had made the quilted patches over the hips that are there on the original jumpsuit.

Then of course you have Holly, who makes her own gorgeous prints. I feel very privileged that I got the permission to use her Greedo fabric, but she has so many different designs that she has made and turned into nice clothes. When I met her she wore this great ensemble.

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