Sunday, 2 April 2017

Red Two standing by, my Star Wars earrings

Even if there has come out quite a few Star Wars jewellery options over the last years, I haven't been happy about the earring selection. It's mostly studs of different characters and ships.

One of the panels I'm planning on going to at Star Wars Celebrations it he Fantasy Flight Games panel, since I play X-wing the miniatures game. The ships in the game are small and very lightweight, so I decided to see if I could turn them into a pair of earrings. I told my sister about it, and since she went through a period when she did quite a few pearl/bead pieces, she still had both the tools, the beads and the knowledge on how to do it.

In the end I simply told her that I wanted the earrings to be the X-wing models, but blinged up a bit.

Here she is working with tying some wire around the x-wing. I didn't want to glue anything on it, or make a permanent hole, since I still want to be able to play the game with them.

These are the final pieces. They are long and dangly, so I've had a tendency to catch the collar of my jacket on them, but I'm not going to use that in Orlando

And here is a bit blurry close. The earrings are made of a piece of thin metal wire, tied around the x-wing. The beads above the ship are also treaded on the same wire an then attached to the hook. The two red beads are also on wire, that has been attached to the loop of the wire going around the ship. I'm calling these my Red Two earrings, since there are two red beads and of course it's in honour of Wedge Antilles my favorite x-wing pilot in the films.

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