Friday, 19 May 2017

The finished 1950's half-hat

I've had these photos in my phone since Star Wars Celebration, but my phone has stopped communicating with my computer, so I just haven't uploaded them.

The 1950's half-hat that I started this winter was going to go with my Vintage Amidala.
The headpiece worn with the original Amidala costume
 I chose the half-hat shape because I felt that it was pretty similiar int he general shape. I ordered a fairly large brown lace applique and attached it to the middle of the hat, to look like that rustcoloured center ornamentation. I also added some brown veiling, since I definitely wanted some of that on my hat.

When I got the center lace on it was obvious though that the hat wasn't perfectly symmetrical. The shape had gotten a bit bent, and it was made very obvious when there was a symmetrical piece of lace in the midde. So I took it off. I decided that instead of going for the more obvious reference to the original headpiece, I wanted a hat that looked nice. The answer was to add the lace to the back instead, and hide a bit of the triangular shape under a cockade of brown satin ribbon. I had bought the satin ribbon in order to try and do something similar to the braided hairstyle of Amidala, but this looked better.

And then it was only to wear the hat for the Ladies of the Legions tea.

As you can see, or rather not see, the brown veiling is almost invisible agains my red hair. I'm also not happy with the shape of the veil, so I might do something about that before I wear it again.

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