Saturday, 20 May 2017

Wig work day

Today I decided to try and untangle my Rarity wig. I've had it for two years now, and I've been so worried that doing anything would destroy the beautiful curls. Now the curls weren't beautiful anymore though, it looked like a matted mess with some curls.

 There are a lot of tutorials for wig care out there, but the basic thing to remember is to work with a small piece of hair at the time, and work from the bottom and up. It takes a lot of patience though, not my strong suit and a big reason why I have put it off even if I've seen that it was needed. I didn't wash the wig before untangling it, since I haven't used any Products in this one. I also didn't have any kind of detangler/lubricant in it, that would probably have done the job easier.

After around three hours of work the wig had turned into this.
It's not as curly, but it's tanglefree and still quite wavy. My plan is to recurl it, but I couldn't find my curlers. Still it's looking so much better and I wouldn't mind wearing it in this more wavy shape either. I have braided and put it away for storage now. Long wigs should always be braided when they aren't in use.

Now I need to work on the tail. The tail is basically the same wig, but tied up. It's in a worse state, since I've been sitting on it for example, and the hair is veary teased from rubbing against stuff. I also need to take a break from the work due to my bad left shoulder. I hold the hair that I'm working with in the left hand and pull with the right, the pulling motions were simply too much and now my shoulder is aching.

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