Monday, 12 June 2017

Another take on Vintage Amidala

Back at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando I wore my vintage Amidala outfit paired with a pair of black trousers. I didn't get any photos of that though. Today I wore the same outfit, and I did get some photos.

I actually prefer the look with the trousers, rather than with the blue dress under it. I also paired it with my gold Naboo earrings and Loungefly SW handbag. This is the kind of fandom fashion that I love. Nobody made any comments about me being dressed up or wearing SW stuff. Instead I blended it with my usual style of clothing. Ok, the long coat style is a bit over the top for everyday wear, but today was the opening of our new museum after three years of work so I wanted to be dressed up.

The downside is that the fabric from spoonflower, it's their cotton sateen, is already showing some wear. Some creases in the fabric have gotten permanent white lines where the print has faded, and overall I feel as if the colours are already a bit faded compared to when I got the fabric. This is not a problem that I have experienced with my Greedo dress, that's from a spoonflower jersey fabric, so it might be that the cotton sateen is a bit more sensitive. I'm going to be very carefull when I wash it in the future, and iron it immediately so it doesn't develope any new creases.

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