Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Pet en l'air in the park

Today it's Sweden's national day, which most Sweden don't care much about, it's a holiday though. The last few years there has been a gathering of people in Historical clothes in Stockholm, I was able to get there last year but not this year. Inspired by that Cosplay Dalarna decided to have a cosplay picknick, where people were welcome to come in anything, and sit in the grass and chat. I of course decided to go with my newly finished pet en l'air.

 It was also the first time I wore my pocket hoops and the petticoat that I made this Winter. In contrast the skirt is actually part of my first ever 18th century outfit. After that first time I have only worn later 18th century clothes, with a bumpad instead of pocket hoops, but it was geat to be able to put it to use again, and that it fit over my new hoops.

Before I wear the pet en l'air the next time I will probably add another pair of ribbons above the ones that are already there.

There were some sad things though with getting dressed. My bad shoulder unfortunately made it impossible to do anything fancy with my hair. I simply can't lift it high enough to work with my hair. I had planned to do a nice tete de mouton hairstyle, but I just couldn't. All I could do was to simply tease my curled hair a bit and pull it up. It was also very hard to get dressed, and it hurt quite a lot at a couple of times when I tried to reach for the ribbons that hold it all together. It's said but I definitely need to take this injury into consideration for my costumes in the future, and try to find easier ways of getting dressed.

The picknick itself was nice, three of us had dressed up. Me in 18th Century, Tom in some LARP-clothing and Linus in cosplay. There were also a couple of other people who showed up, so nice and easy.

Me and Tom
As you might see I also had a new cap on, and a post about that should come in the next few Days.

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