Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A Star Wars wedding

This weekend I was off to southern Sweden to be a guest at the wedding of my friends Tommi and Jenny. The theme was obviously Star Wars, since they do quite a lot of cosplay as the Nordic Skywalkers, and we as members of the Nordic Garrison and Nordic Base were asked to troop at the wedding ceremony.

Photo: Linus Eriksson
Jenny had a really nice Mara Jade inspired wedding gown in black with purple details. The party aftewards afterwards had people come in all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy inspired outfits. I went in my vintage Amidala, but of course I didn't get any photos of it.

Thomas as a trekkie and Dawn in a party Phasma outfit
There were a lot of cute Star Wars decorations
And of course a Star Wars wedding cake

I was also really happy to finally be able to reveal my wedding gift to them. 

The story behind it is that when I got the invitation for the wedding I really wanted to give them someting Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade-related, there isn't much merchandise with them at the moment though. Back at Celebration Orlando in 2010 I met with an incredibly talented and nice guy guy called Joe Hogan. He was doing the background art work for a fan organisation I was working with back then, but he also brought his portfolio and hoped to sell his work to the Powers at be at LFL. He did it and this year he was an official SW artists at SWCO.
Me and Joe at SWCO this year
Knowing such a nice guy and an official artist I asked if he could make a Luke and Mara commission for me. He didn't just do a commission though, he had me provide images of Tommi and Jenny to him so that he could add in their faces to Luke and Mara. And being the awesome guy that he is, he even sent me an extra print of it.

All in all I had a great weekend and it was great to share this day with Tommi and Jenny.

If you want to read more about the wedding there is an article in English here.

And if you are interested in ordering a commission from Joe here is his DeviantArt.

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