Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Great times at Tuna Ting

Last weekend it was Tuna Ting, a small local medieval fair in Borlänge. Me and Tom from Cosplay Dalarna spent the weekend there hanging with friends and having a great time. The fair is quite small, but fun, and it felt like most of it was food and pastries, and to really good prices. I had quite a few buns over the two days.

I had also brought food with me, and experimented with some medieval pies. One savory pie made with a hot water pastry and filled with a pork stew and one sweet pie with a traditional short pastry and a kind of saffron-custard filling. 

By now I had upgraded my 1520's outfit since the last fair in Leksand, which is a reason why I haven't posted lately since I was quite busy the last week with fixing stuff.

By now I have made a proper wulsthaube with a veil, and I love it so I'm probably going to make a separate post about it, a had and added some guards to the gown. (The guards are those strips of a contrasting fabric along the neckline and center front) The hat and guards are made from a mostly wool skirt that I found in a second hand store. The hat turned out a bit too small, and it could not stay on only with the help of the ribbons that I had tied around my wulsthaube, so I spent most of the weekend without it.

The guards are simply tacked on, it looks nice but is really a quick fix. After this weekend I'm so inspired on working on a proper 1520's overgown, so this gown will go back to being an undergown and then the guards are not so important.

I think I might have found a calling in life as well, and that is to become a 16th century ninja.

In fact the crossbow is the first projectile weapon that I have tried and where I actually managed to hit something.

The black bolt is mine, I'm just saying.

Overall I love the 1520s look, and it's also really comfortable, so I'm hoping to have an even more complete 1520s wardrobe for next summer.

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