Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Come to ArCon Sommar and the Dalarna Cosplay Championships!

This weekend there is ArCon Sommar, which is the first try of having a local convention in Falun. This is a small voluntarily run event, nothing commercial and I don't think any sellers will be there. ArCon is club that works with game culture, and included in that you have all kinds of computer games, e-sport, tabletop games, figure games and cosplay. It is the Cosplay Dalarna meetings on Tuesdays that have made ArCon interested in arranging things for cosplay as well, and when they planned ArCon Sommar there was a wish to have a day for cosplay.

ArCon Sommar takes place August 12-14 (Saturday-Monday) and it's Sunday the 13th that is focused on cosplay.

I'm going to have a talk about "What is Cosplay", host a workshop showing off different materials and techniques that you can use, talk about fandom fashion and finally present the Dalarna Cosplay Championships. All throughout the day I'm hoping that there will be plenty of opportunities to meet up with other cosplayers and network.

If you are in the area I would be happy to meet you too!

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