Thursday, 3 August 2017

NärCon round up

So it's time to post my NärCon photos. I had a blast at NärCon, it was much better than the last time I was there. I had the feeling that there were more people in my own age there, not just teenager. It was also great to hang around with Tom from Cosplay Dalarna, so I was never alone. In the end I didn't go to a single panel or workshop, but spent all the time trooping or walking around in the area. These are just a few of the wonderful costumes that I saw.

Elin Cat Jacobsson in her fabulous Lady of the Mine costume

Tom as a Fallout vault dweller

A great Maui from Moana/Vaiana

Carolina (Meline Cosplay) at the J-fashion show

Anna (ArtyAnna) at the same show

Me celebrating second Place in the pokemon Cosplay walk-on contest

A perfect Tinker Bell

Sara (A costuming engineer) in her steampunk outfit

Henrik (Pilerud's cosplay) in the Benny costume he won the cosplay masters with

The Borlänge contingent from Cosplay Dalarna

Even if the e/R ship is not something I agree with, I was happy to see some Les Mis cosplayers

Our Cosplay Dalarna meetup

And finally some of my favorite Bellossom photos from the weekend. I spent most of the evenings in this costume, after I trooped in my jawa and pilot with the Nordic Legions in the afternoon. The fun thing was that since I walked around with Tom, well nobody wanted to take photos of us together. They either wanted a photo of him as a Fallout Raider, or me as Pokemon, but not both of us.

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