Thursday, 4 January 2018

Historical Sew Monthly 2018

The HSM 2017 was not a good one for me, I only finished the 18th century pocket hoops, so one out of 12 challenges. I'm hoping that I will do better this year though, and since I am throwing myself passionately into a new era, the 16th Century, I'm hoping that it will make me inspired to finish more challenges.

That being said I will focus the challenges on my 1520s project, and I won't desperately try to find projects to fit with the HSM 2018.

Since some of you might have started to follow my blog this year, when I hardly did anything HSM related here is the short description.

The HSM 2018 is a monthly historical garment challenge.  Every month in 2018 will feature a themed challenge.  Sew (or knit, or crochet, or tatt, or embroider, or milin, (or whatever it is you call making a hat), or otherwise create) a historical garment or accessory that fits the monthly theme.
The goal is to make one historical garment per month.

Well here are the challenges and how I'm thinking about them.

January: Mend, Reshape, Refashion: Mend or re-shape one of your previously made historical clothing items, or refashion a new one out of something not originally intended as sewing fabric.

- No idea yet

Feb: Under: Make something that goes under the other layers.

- perfect for the new highnecked hemd/shift that I'm plnning for the 1520s.

March: Comfort at Home: Make something to wear around the (historical) house.

- no idea yet, but an apron is always and option.

April: Buttons and Fastenings: Create an item where the closures are the star of the show.

 - maybe a gollar with an interesting fastening.

May: Specific to a Time [of Day or Year]: Historically, some garments were worn year round, and for a range of events. Others were exclusively for certain times of year, or specific times of day. Make one of the latter.

- no idea yet 

June: Rebellion and Counter-Culture: Create an item that pays homage to fashion rebels and clothes that flaunt their place on the fringes of standard sartorial society, or that was signature to a rebelling cause.

- the slashing of the 16th Century would perfect for this, but I'm not planning on adding any slashing to my outfit.

July: Sleeves: There are some amazing examples of historical sleeves styles out there. Put the focus on the arms and shoulders in your creation for this challenge.

- no idea yet

August: Extant Originals: Copy an extant historical garment as closely as possible.

- no idea yet

September: Hands and Feet: Create a fabulous accessory for your hands or feet.

- gloves or mittens maybe?

October: Fabric Manipulation: Take fabric to the next level with any kind of historical embellishment or manipulation: smocking, shirring, embroidering, beading, pinking, ruching, printing, painting, dyeing etc.

- a smocked apron for the 1520s outfit would go well with this outfit. If I did an apron for the March challenge, and depending on what fabric I have at home, I might up this challenge and make a roundgown with a ruched bodice of some kind.

November: Purses and Bags: You’ve got your arms covered in July, your hands in September, now make something amazing to dangle from them.

- no idea, but it's always easy to make another 18th Century pocket.

December: Neglected Challenge: Was there a challenge this year (or, if you’ve been doing the HSM for a while, in a previous year) you missed? Or didn’t create quite what you’d wanted for? This is your chance to make it up! 

- no idea yet

My goal will be to finish six of the challenges, I don't want to get too ambitious and feel forced to come up with ideas for the HSM. 

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