Monday, 8 October 2018

Introducing Enfys Nest for Star Wars Celebration

It is time to reveal my main project for Star Wars Celebration. This will be a big and expensive project, but I'm hoping to have it all done for Celebration in April.

So who is Enfys Nest? It's a character from the new Solo film, that was released in May. And she's really cool.

This is definitely not my usual kind of costume project, but it will be fun to make something different.

Thankfully by the time I saw the film a lot of people had already researched the costume for months, so there is a lot of information out there, and a lot of files if you want to 3D-print the things needed.

Here is my breakdown, but for a more detailed description I recommend visiting the Rebel Legion forums, or the Enfys Nest facebook group.

Shoes - Demobaza Moon Rovers with added greeblies. The Moon Rovers are expensive (€413 last I checked) so I will start off with modifying a cheaper hight top sneaker. Greeblies can be 3D-printed.

Jumpsuit - brown waxed cotton with inserts of black fabric. There are a lot of complicated seams on the jumpsuit. I will use my standard jumpsuit pattern and modify it, I have ordered the waxed cotton.

Knee pads -

Leg flaps - a long strip of canvas with painted markings, rolled around a dowel.

Belt - with leather with topstitching and some accents in other colours.

Chest piece - the box and "beads" can be 3D-printed, the "beads" are also available as resin casts on Etsy. I will need to make the teeth and bone details.

Cape - a wool cape with a orange-red lining, and some strips of other colours in the lining. The fur is a bison hide, but I will look for suitble fake furs.

Arm shields - also available as 3D files, but they don't look too complicated to cut out from plastic sheets.

Gloves - tac 2 gloves, modified.

Helmet - I have preordered a resin cast of the helmet.

Staff - available as 3D-files.

That's the breakdown. This is going to be an expensive costume, since there are so many parts that I can't do mysef, so I will try and take it slowly and add piece by piece and hopefully I can bring it with me for Celebration, otherwise she will have to wait for NärCon 2019.

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