Friday, 6 September 2019

Presentation of my blogs


some of you reading this might now that I have another blog - Historiekullan. I have lately realized in some aspects Costumekullan and Historiekullan overlaps. This is a short presentation of why I post the things I do in which place.

Costumekullan - this blog. It started out as my cosplay blog, but is now fairly divided between cosplay projects and historica recreation.

Historiekullan - the other blog. This is a blog solely focused on the 15th and 16th centuries in Scandinavia. I post here every other week, and the posts are in Swedish since it is mainly about Swedish history.

Where the two blogs overlap is when I recreate 15th anc 16th century things, not the least when I make food and bake things. Food and baking is also not strictly about costuming, which is the core of this blog. But where should I post when I have made a new 16th century recipe?

I have decided that I will continue to post historical recipes on this blog, a couple of months ago I also asked my followers on facebook if they would be interested in that. I will try and post the recipes in both Swedish and English, since some reading about them may have come over from Historiekullan.

Both blogs are just different sides of the same coin though, my deep love for the 15th and 16th centuries, but in this blog I also share my other interests and try to keep it more personal. If you are interested in Scandinavian history and can read Swedish I definitely recommend hopping over to Historiekullan from time to time.

16th century ginger biscuits have their place in this blog

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