Thursday, 31 October 2013

First foray into costuming

My first hint of costuming was actually my graduation ball. It's like a prom, but also included dinner and formal dancing. When I graduated it was also traditional for all the girls to wear white, a tradition that has totally disappeared since then. White is the traditional graduation colour, also the cap that I'm wearing is the Swedish student cap, that you get when you graduate from school.

Already a year before my graduation me and my sister sat down and decided that I wanted something Jane Austen-like. My sister is a much better seamstress than me, and at this point she basically just told me what to do. In the end she was the one who made my ballgown. Nothing except the general shape is really accurate, but I loved it and I've used it both as a ballgown and at historical fairs since then.

June 2000
Status: Existing but inactive. I still have the gown up among my costumes/ballgowns but I haven't tried it in many years.

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