Friday, 1 November 2013

SW:AOTC blue Tatooine poncho

original costume
 I can't find any photos of my first ever try of a Star Wars costume. I made a jedi     costume out of old bedsheets and wore it to a Halloween party in 2000. So the first costume that I can find pictures of is Padmé's blue Tatooine poncho from Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones.

The underdress was a crinkle dress that I had, and dyed blue. The outer poncho is made of fabric that I found at home by my parents, in fact I still remember that one of the inspirations for this dress was that I found the fabric in the perfect colour among my mother's curtains. This is the dress that got me accepted into the Rebel Legion in 2002, meaning that it was also the first costume from the Nordic Countries, and in a way the start of the Nordic Base. I don't have any original pictures myself, but I found this at Padawan's guide. At that time I didn't really care about hair colour or much of hairstyling, after all I had long hair myself and I just tied it back a bit.

Last summer I decided to upgrade the costume, so that I could still have it in my Rebel Legion profile. I lengthened the dress to a correct length, changed the neckline of the under dress, refined the embroidery a bit and added a lining to the main tunic. I also made sure to style my hair in a better way.
Status: existing but inactive.

I have it. At the moment my hair is blonde though so I'm not using it. Also this is a costume that would never get recognised by the general public, so it's no fun wearing it. I also see too many of my early mistakes in it, so I'm not too happy about the quality anymore.

August 2012
June 2002

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