Friday, 8 November 2013

First corset

After 2005 I thought that I wouldn't do that much Star Wars costuming anymore. Me and a friend decided to make can can gowns for a ball though, and I realized that it was my chance to make a costume from one of my favorite costume films: Molin Rouge.

First step was to make a corset though. The friend and I ordered a pattern, from Canada I think, and after much looking we found a place in Sweden where we could order steel and busks for the boning of the corsets. The pattern is Laughing Moon's Silverado. I made a lot of rookie mistake with this corset. First of all I didn't cut the pieces carefully, meaning that the lining and the outer layer weren't exactly the same, which meant that the corset got really wrinkled. Also when I first tried it on I panicked when I couldn't close it, so I added an extra panel in the back, which of course meant that when I laced it properly it was too big. Still it was my first try with a corset, and I was definitely hooked on sewing corsets.

October 2005

Status: Non-existing.

It was last seen when I lent it to a guy for a performance in a student show (studentspex) in 2006)

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