Monday, 4 November 2013

Padmé's picnic gown

This is probably the most beloved and most beautiful of all Padmé Amidala's costumes from the Star Wars prequels. There were quite a few of us who totally obsessed about it, as soon as the first pictures of it were published. I can't say that I was anyone of those who really contributed, but it was a wonderful thing to be part of the analyzing and breaking down of the costume that took place at the Jedi Council Forums. The discussion about the dress went on for almost 4000 posts, and the rundown, and latest thread can still be found here. A sign of how loved it is is that I think it has won every time a version has been entered into the Star Wars Celebrations costume contests.

My first attempt wasn't even close, the thing is though, when I made it I thought that it was really good. I simply hadn't trained my eyes to "see" what the costume looked like. I had a bodice that was just a bodice, not a boned corset, it ended in a point and was too short, compared to the long and rounded original corset. I used synthetic crepe satin and polyester chiffon, and the cape was some netting that I tried to tea dye. I got the shape of the skirt and blouse right though, and I had the correct ear buns. Even if the shape of the corset isn't right I'm also proud of the embroidery that I did on it.

Status: non-existing. I have gathered materials and have both the exact right ribbons for the sleeve wraps and the correct sequins for the skirt, so one day I'm going to make this one properly one day. I just need to buckle down and prepare for all the hand embroidery on both the corset and the dress itself.
April 2004

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