Monday, 4 November 2013

TPM battlemaiden outfit

The costume that I finished in 2004 was the Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Handmaiden battle outfit, also known as the battlemaiden. I've been a fan of the handmaidens since they started, they are in the background but they are cool, have nice costumes and can fight. To quote one of them "We are brave, your highness". This costume was the most I had spent when it came to fabrics, I probably bought fabric for around $120. Still I was happy to buy fabric that was "as close as I could find" rather then totally accurate. This was a velvet fabric that I found in a local store, and I was so happy to have found red velvet. I also chose simple gold trim, instead of the embroidered gold trim that was on the original. I never made a lining for the coat, I had planned to, but never got to it, and I never made the proper under shirt, or hairpiece. Still this is probably the first project where I felt that I spent a lot of money on the fabric, and I spent a lot of time researching possible patterns, and then mashing them up to get one good pattern. It was definitely a step forward compared to the previous costumes.

original costume
October 2004
At least I got the fullness of the coat and sleeve right
Status: Existing but inactive

I still have the coat and the pants, but I'm never going to finish it. I can use it for something else, but it's not accurate enough to call it a Star Wars costume.

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