Saturday, 16 November 2013

Time to plunge into millinery

I am currently in a sewing hiatus. I've simply forbidden myself to start any sewing until I have finished redecorating living room, and refurbished my sewing corner there. Well this week I will get my new wall papers, so I'm right now putting away all the things I have in the living room. I'm also taking the chance to go through all the boxes and drawers in my sewing table. I found one quite cute unfinished purpe skirt in a purple cotton jacquard, just need to put a lining and a zipper in and hem it. I also found an unfinished cocktail dress made out of scraps. I think I'm going to donate that one to my nieces to play in, it should be a nice princess dress if they tie something around the waist to keep it up. The third piece I found is some kind of tunic in an ugly bed sheet quality of cotton. That one's going to the bin.

Anyway since I'm not allowed to sew, I can do a lot of planning instead. I've realised that since I'm getting more and more into historical costuming, I will probably need to take the plunge and learn some basic millinery skills. Today I've ordered a pattern called "universal round brimmed hat" made by Lynn McMasters. I can at least read the pattern and see if I think it will be possible for me to create my own hats. There are so many lovely versions of hats in the 18th century and it would be fun if I could get a bit more variation than just a round straw hat.

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