Friday, 15 November 2013

LOTR - Arwen's coronation gown

original costume
For my aunt's LOTR-themed 50th birthday party I wanted to make a LOTR-costume for myself as well. I decided on one of my favorite gowns, Arwen's coronation/wedding gown. I did not go all in for buying expensive fabrics, but with my improved skills I still think it looked very good. I also did a bit of a switch, where the original has limegreen velvet with a cream/silver chiffon overlays, I could only find limegreen chiffon and white/silver velour. Still the effect is quite similar.

 I used the same McCall's 4491 pattern for this as I did for my aunt's gown. I didn't want any visible
seams on the overdress though, and since the material was quite stretchy, I simply put the fabric over the finished undergown and traced the contours. That way I ended up with simply a front and back piece that I could then turn into a dress.

The crown that I made was a quick thing I threw together with wire and clay. The lace was a really nice piece of wide gold/white lace trim. I cut it up and managed to puzzle all the pieces to just about cover the undergown.

Status: Existing but inactive

After the birthday party I ripped away the lace and the velvet sleeves. I've used just the satin undergown as a ballgown since then, and I have all the other pieces saved so that I could turn it back into an Arwen costume again.
April 2007 (the flash makes it lighter in colour)

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