Saturday, 30 November 2013

baby tusken

Original uli-ah costume
As an accessory to my female tusken I have also made a uli-ah, a tusken child. My first wish for accessory was a big tusken rifle, but unfortunately I discovered that that was impossible since I can't lift my arms enough in the shawl to be able to carry a rifle. I'd like to get a gaffi stick one day though. Anyway, since I am a seamstress I figured that I could sew something instead of building or sculpting a weapon.

I didn't have a fully grown child to go with me, but instead I took one of the dolls I had saved from my childhood. The doll that I still had left was my favorite doll, which meant that for sentimental reason I had to make the clothes fully removable. One day I'd like to buy a cheap doll and dress it in the costume so I can return the original doll to its cute clothes it had when I played with it. For the materials I simply used leftovers that I could find in my stash.

Step one was to make a pair of tights for the doll I used a doll pattern that I had from making doll clothes to my nieces and a piece of sand coloured stretch fabric. It was the same stretch fabric that I had used to make gauntlets to put my arm wraps on for my female tusken.

Then I added a skirt made out of crinkled cotton. The dirt is simply watered down hobby paint that I've sprayed on to the fabric. I also wrapped the feet and hands with small strips of teadyed cotton to make it resemble boots and gloves. The fabrics for these were all leftovers from my own female tusken costume

Then came a tunic made from the last remnant of the wool coat that I had used to make the flak vest for my A-wing pilot costume.

The last thing was a little pouch and belt, made from what was once a suede bag I found for 10 SEK at a second hand store and that I have used when I needed strips of leather.

I didn't do a fully constructed mask, but rather a hood that I sewed some casing into and put a bit of wire so that it could hold its shape. The vest and the hood are made from the same cotton as my female tusken shawl, and then teadyed.

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