Friday, 30 May 2014

Change of plans

I am in the finishing stages for the revolutionary ensemble, but after that my sewing plans for the coming months have been turned totally upside down. Just some days ago I got an invitation for my sister's wedding. She's been engaged for years, but nobody knew that she and her fiance had set a date and are now getting married. When I phoned her up, after I received the invitation, she simply said "oh, surprise, you are going to make the wedding gown".

So yes, I have until the 9th of August to make a wedding gown, for somebody else than myself, and somebody with a different figure.Thankfully she showed me a picture of what she wants, and it's definitely something that I can do. My sister is very busty, so that will involve some challenges. At least I already have a pattern in my stash for the piece that I consider the most complicated one. The main challenges will be to get the fit right, and to give it a proper professional finish. It's mostly the finish I'm worried about, since it will be made from fabrics that are very prone to wrinkling.

Yes, choosing fabrics will be interesting. My sister, who's not into sewing at all, has only requested "some white, shiny fabrics" and given me a budget of 2000 SEK (around $230). The model of the gown of course limits the choice of suitable fabrics a bit, but I really want to try and find cheap enough silks so that I can make at least most of it in silk.

So this means that I will have to shelf the summer's challenges in the HSF and concentrate on this. Of course I would love if I could make a dress for myself for the wedding as well.

And there will be no pictures or progress posts of the work with the wedding gown since my sister has requested that I keep it secret until the wedding day.

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  1. You can do it! I made my best friend's wedding dress a few years ago in about the same amount of time and budget. I can't wait to see what you make! :D