Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Some things I picked up

I was only supposed to buy some red sewing thread so that I could finish my hat, but on the way to the fabric shop I went in to the second hand store and found a nice pair of shoes. Then I decided to go to the quilt shop, rather than the more central curtain store. I'm calling them the quilt store and the fabric store since that's basically the kind of fabrics that they carry. The quilt shop doesn't claim to be anything else either. What I don't like with these shops is that it's impossible to buy any fabrics that are actually usable for making clothes. In the quilt shop there is quite a nice selections of quilting cottons though, including cottons with nice historical prints. When I went there it also happened that a large section was on sale, and even if it's not super cheap compared to when I read posts from other people,  the cost was around $10/m, which is cheap around here.

For the shoes I'm going to try and dye them red, I've already bought the leather dye. I really want a pair of bright red shoes for my revolutionary dress, and I dream about a pair of red Kensingtons from American Duchess, but since they aren't available at the moment I will try with these. They are a bit on the big side, but that means that I shouldn't have any problems wearing a thin knitted stocking with them.

The fabric is screaming pierrot jacket towards me, but I only have two meters so I'm not sure that will be enough to make that kind of jacket. I could have bought another meter of the fabric, but I want to challenge myself and actually make things that doesn't need so much fabric. We will so, for now it goes into the stash.

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