Sunday, 25 May 2014

Photoshoots are fun

Today I had an opportunity to really make a photoshoot. I'm very happy that I have found another person in Falun who's interested in sewing historical clothes. This was just the second time we met, but we got all dressed in our 18th century clothes and went out to Gamla Staberg outside Falun. Staberg is an intact 18th century homestead of the master miners in Falun, and the garden has been restored according to maps from the middle of the 18th century.

Can you see the little house to the left. It's a little shop maintained by the owner of Nya Staberg, which is the 19th century house that was built when the red house at the top of the garden was deemed too oldfashioned. This picture is taken from the veranda at Nya Staberg. The great thing is that the owner of Nya Staberg is a really nice lady, with a great interest in 18th century clothing. In fact it was through her that I learned about Janet Arnold's books, and in that little shop she even had a small bolt of Duràn textiles for sale. She was really happy to see us in our clothes.

As for photos, well you will have to wait. It was the other girl who had the camera, and the skills, so she's going to process the photos and send them to me. I only took some small snapshots with my mobile of the finished hat, so a post about that will come soon.

I did wear my gaulle and the accessories from the black and white challenge for the main photos. As usual when wearing a new costume for a longer period of time you discover some issues. I need to use more pins for the bib. I tripped on the front of the gown a couple of times and that of course made the bib fall down a bit, so that the underbodice became visible. I also want to make a wider sash than my black one.

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