Sunday, 6 July 2014

Combining light and dark

Today I got a new icon/avatar for the Nordic Garrison forum. I've used my tusken female since I became a member, but last week I decided to retire that costume from the database. It only felt fair since by now the only thing I still have from that costume is the hood. I need to make a new undergown, fix my mask kit and put a bone to the bag. I still have the jawa to keep my 501st membership until then though.

Anyway Nordic Garrison has decided that we should use "buckets off"-pictures for our avatars, since it's nice to be able to recognize the faces you meet at troops and not only see helmets and masks. Another new thing is that Nordic Base just moved in to the forum, so it's nowadays called the Nordic Legions forum, even if the url keeps the adress. I used the picture that I took in December with me as a jawa, but I was in a hurry so I never removed the Amidala make up before putting on the jawa. And I must say that the make up held up surprisingly well under the jawa mask.

Now I have an icon that I think combines both my 501st and Rebel Legion identities, and you can see it also has both the imperial cog and the rebel bird in the corner. Maybe I should call it Amijawa.

Anyway if you are interested in Star Wars costuming, no matter if it's on the dark or light side, and you are in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland you are very welcome to the Nordic Legions forum

Yes, jawas are supposed to be shorter than me, but there are no height restrictions if you want to be a member of the legions and there are actually tall jawas in the background in A New Hope. I still prefer my Tusken, so this is more a costume to just make me able to troop until the new Tusken is finished.

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