Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dreaming of future pasts

I got inspired by this post by Isis to put down what I would like to do in the future. My main focus for the near future will probably continue to be 18th century, since I want to make a versatile wardrobe for that era, and of course Star Wars.

To finish off my 18th century wardrobe I would like to do two jackets and two skirts. I would like one pierrot style jacket.

and one pet en l'air
I have fabric for these two jackets already. I would also like to make one or two  petticoats in different fabrics so that I will have quite a variety of jackets, robes and petticoats to mix and match. For the pet en l'air I would also need to make a pair of pocket hoops. All in all the pet en l'air would be a training project before I finally make a proper robe francaise. I'm usually more in favor of the English fashion, with fitted backs, but I think a proper 18th century wardrobe need a robe francaise as well.
Before finishing this I need to make a pair of 18th century stays that actually fits well, and I think it's time for me to leave the premade patterns and actually draft my own, then finally I might achieve a fit and shape that I'm happy with.

Other centuries

I've never been a fan of medieval fashion, but I've seen a couple of nice cotehardies, so I might very well do one in the future. Something along the lines of this quite simple gown.
I think I would like to get more comfortable with draping before trying this kind of dress though.

A fashion that I do love is the German renaissance, This was also a fashion that was popular in Sweden, so yes I would like to finally be able to dress like my favorite era in Swedish political history. I would like something similar to this
I'm not a big fan of too puffy, or too slashed, sleeves so I would probably like to keep it quite simple and muted.

As for the 17th century. Well I'm not a fan of that century at all, but one day I will recreate the simple dress of the woman, a master miner's wife, that can be found on a map of the Falun mine from 1682. It's a quite simple thing, a jacket and a skirt and with some kind of wimple.

Then comes my ever favorite era, but an era where I didn't think I would be able to find any events, and that is the late 19th century. I've loved the bustle era for a really long time, but lately I've started to get more and more fond of the natural form, with its sleeker shapes, so something more like this

That's it for historical fashions. When it comes to Star Wars there are two major costumes I would love to do. I'm not joking when I've said that I've been obsessed with Padmé's picnic gown ever since the first photos of it on the Vanity Fair cover in 2002. I have already gathered some material, several years ago I was part of a group buy with made it possible for me to get hold of both the exact arm wrapping ribbons and the sequins for the skirt and blouse, I also have the hair nets.
Another dream project would be to make Leia's Bespin gown, but oh to sit down with the energy of doing all those crazy embroideries.
So there you have it, some of the kinds of costumes that I would like to do one day, and that is even without what might surface with the new Star Wars Rebels TV sereis and the new Star Wars films. I am a "one project at a time"-person though, so you all realize that making these costumes would take many years, and in that time period I might as well change my mind.

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