Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Costume plans

So working on a project for someone else, like my sister's wedding dress, has made my head starting to spin about future projects. I'm also definitely feeling a bit of trooping abstinence, so even if I had a nice time in Sala I would love to do a larger costuming event. Well it looks like the next one might be the new ComicComic that is starting up in Stockholm in the first weekend of November. I have decided that I want to be part of the cosplay competition, and I have started to gather supplies for that project. I'm going to hold back on it until I'm ready to commit to it.

So I promised myself that I wouldn't buy fabric unless I had a plan for it, but I've already broken that. I was in town and passed by the only decent fabric store, and they had a sale. Unfortunately the sale is because it's closing down. I've tried to make my best to make it profitable, but it is a shop for home textiles so except for some quilting cottons with historical prints I haven't been able to buy anything but ribbons, threads and beads, and that's not exactly large sums of money.

I picked up 3 meters of this fabric, even with a sale it was still $18/m. I guess I'm going to add it into the pile of fabrics suitable for 18th century jackets. I would love to make it into a pet en l'air, but it's really narrow so I'm not sure if it's enough for that.

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