Sunday, 17 August 2014

Glamorous and fun 1920's

Yesterday I was invited to a birthday party with a 1920's theme. It's actually one of my least favorite fashion decades, so I don't really have anything in my wardrobe from the decade. Some years ago I made a ballgown in purple, it was actually the leftovers from when I tried to collect fabric for the first time for the purple travel gown. I was never really happy with the ballgown and some years after that I remember that I had simply cut off the bodice and turned the skirt into a new ballgown. I also remember that my first instinct when I saw myself in the new ballgown was "I've been watching too much of House of Elliot lately". I went up to the attic and found the gown. I took away the longer underskirt and pushed the belt as far down towards the hips as possible, not easy since it was supposed to cinch the waist.

I added some plastic pearl necklaces, a pair of black shoes with a strap and black evening gloves for a glamourous 1920's look.

I'm quite happy with how I managed to style my hair. I am getting better at doing things with my hair and that's fun. Now there are tons of tutorials on how to make flapperstyle hair, and I can't really find the exact videos that I used. I basically washed my hair, parted it to the side and clamped it with hair clips to make the wave pattern. The rest of the hair i put into foamcurlers and then I let it dry. The back hair was looped up in the back and the waves were put in place with a ton of hairspray. I put an elastic silver/black headband over it all. I think I'm going to try and make more hairstyles like this, and practice the finger weave more so that I can get a more distinct weave.

This was a fun dressing up thing, and I am actually surprised on how I liked the style, so maybe there are some good things when it comes to 1920's fashion and I shouldn't totally dismiss it.

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